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February 15, 2019

How to Find the Perfect Balance Between Spending and Saving

Life -- Kiplinger - It's the key to being able to enjoy life now AND in the future. It's also the basis for a successful retirement plan, and it all...

February 15, 2019 07:42 PM

Personal and social factors impact return to work after ill-health

PhysOrg.com -- Support from managers and colleagues, as well as a positive attitude, are most likely to enable a more long-term return to work for employees...

February 15, 2019 07:38 PM

Most millennials would take a pay cut to work at a environmentally responsible company

FastCompany -- Nearly 40% of millennials have chosen a job because of company sustainability. Less than a quarter of gen X respondents said the same, and 17%...

February 15, 2019 07:31 PM

Cable and satellite TV companies need a miracle to save them from cord-cutting

FastCompany -- Cable TV is in steady decline, while satellite continues its free-fall.

Cable and satellite TV services had another lousy quarter as cord-cutting...

February 15, 2019 07:31 PM

6 Steps for Creating a Retirement Budget

U.S. News -- A budget makes it easier to pay bills and reduces the stress of unexpected expenses.

February 15, 2019 07:26 PM

7 Ways to Prevent Skin Cancer

U.S. News -- An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

February 15, 2019 07:25 PM

Engaged Employees: You Can't Get There Without Them

Think -- Forrester Blogs - Truth is, in most of the reports we write about on how to prepare your company for the future, two major recommendations always...

February 15, 2019 06:27 PM

Photography site 500px resets 14.8 million passwords after data breach

Infosec -- Naked Security - Photography website 500px has become the latest site to admit suffering a serious data breach.

February 15, 2019 06:26 PM

'Cellular barcoding' reveals how breast cancer spreads

Life -- EurekAlert - A cutting-edge technique called cellular barcoding has been used to tag, track and pinpoint cells responsible for the spread of...

February 15, 2019 06:23 PM

Immune stimulant molecule shown to prevent cancer

Life -- EurekAlert - An immune checkpoint molecule developed for cancer immunotherapy also protects against future development of multiple types of cancer...

February 15, 2019 06:23 PM

'Lack of cleaning' in brain cells is central to Alzheimer's disease

Life -- EurekAlert - An international research team with representation from the University of Copenhagen has created a better understanding of Alzheimer's....

February 15, 2019 06:21 PM

Sea worms and jellyfish treat cancer and kill insects

Life -- EurekAlert - Scientists of the Pacific Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry (PIBOC) of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences...

February 15, 2019 06:20 PM

Airbus will stop making the world's biggest passenger plane

Tech -- Digital Trends - Airbus announced this week that it will stop building the world's biggest passenger plane in 2021. The maker of the double-decker...

February 15, 2019 05:53 PM

Cable could lose over 39 million subscribers this year to streaming services

Tech -- BGR - The bad news keeps getting worse for Big Cable, and there's no end in sight. The latest? UBS this week released the results of its media...

February 15, 2019 05:53 PM

Verizon is releasing a new app next month to fight robocalls

Tech -- BGR - We cover the widespread -- and still growing -- problem of robocalls and spam calls pretty extensively, in part because the people behind...

February 15, 2019 05:51 PM

Amazon won't reopen search for new HQ2 location after ditching New York City

Tech -- GeekWire - Could Crystal City in Arlington, Va. accommodate more Amazon workers given the company's decision to back out of its HQ2 plans for...

February 15, 2019 05:35 PM

At-home HPV tests attempt to reduce cervical cancer rates

Tech -- The Verge - Getting screened for strains of the cervical cancer-causing human papillomavirus (HPV) can be difficult for many women, but not getting...

February 15, 2019 05:35 PM

Photos from NASA's lost Opportunity

Tech -- The Verge - This week, NASA said goodbye to Opportunity, a rover that roamed the surface of Mars for nearly 15 years before it was silenced by...

February 15, 2019 05:25 PM

The T-Mobile-Sprint merger is a dizzying deal for regulators

Tech -- The Verge - Executives from T-Mobile and Sprint sat before a House of Representatives panel for the first time yesterday hoping to convince the...

February 15, 2019 05:18 PM

LEGO launches eight AR-focused sets

Tech -- TechCrunch - LEGO's long been leader among traditional toy companies when it comes to embracing tech trends, from mobile apps to robotics. The...

February 15, 2019 05:10 PM

February 14, 2019

Merck to further study Keytruda in prostate cancer after early success

Media -- Reuters - Health - Merck & Co Inc said on Thursday it was launching three late-stage studies for its cancer immunotherapy Keytruda as a combination...

February 14, 2019 09:12 PM

How long should my password be?

Infosec -- ProtonMail - A strong password doesn't have to be 30 characters long. But if you're using an eight-character password, you have a good chance...

February 14, 2019 08:39 PM

America Stopped Building

Life -- Gallup Headlines - Despite media reports that the U.S. economy is strong, productivity has been trending down for decades. America needs more...

February 14, 2019 08:18 PM

4 Factors to Consider When You're Choosing a High-Yield Savings Account

Life -- The Penny Hoarder - So you've made a budget, cut out unnecessary spending and found ways to earn extra income. You finally have money to set...

February 14, 2019 08:18 PM

DDT exposure tied to breast cancer risk for all women through age 54

Life -- EurekAlert - All women exposed to high levels of DDT are at increased risk for breast cancer through age 54, but the timing of cancer risk depends...

February 14, 2019 08:17 PM

New therapy for aggressive blood cancer discovered

Life -- EurekAlert - Researchers at Vetmeduni Vienna and Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Cancer Research have identified a new therapeutic strategy for...

February 14, 2019 08:10 PM

What This Confusing Term in Your 401(k) Plan Means

Life -- Lifehacker - "Glide path," "target date," "managing risk." Deciphering the terms in our retirement accounts can often seem like translating a...

February 14, 2019 08:10 PM

Goodbye, Opportunity: 5 times the mighty Mars rover delighted the galaxy

Tech -- Mashable - It's a dark, sad day for space fans the world over.

NASA is preparing to officially say goodbye to the Mars Opportunity rover, one...

February 14, 2019 07:51 PM

Sling TV closes year with 2.4 million subscribers, but growth slowed significantly

Tech -- TechCrunch - Sling TV's growth has slowed dramatically as the competitive landscape for live TV streaming services has heated up. Despite this,...

February 14, 2019 07:50 PM

Bill Gates says textbooks are finally becoming obsolete, 25 years after he predicted their demise

Tech -- GeekWire - Here's a pop quiz: One of these passages about education technology was from Bill Gates' 1995 book, "The Road Ahead." The other was...

February 14, 2019 07:33 PM

JibJab, one of the first silly selfie video makers, acquired by private equity firm Catapult Capital

Tech -- TechCrunch - JibJab, one of the first companies that let people insert selfies into videos, gifs, and e-cards, has been acquired by Catapult...

February 14, 2019 07:28 PM

Will Amazon buy Etsy, Kohl's, or the Seattle Seahawks? GeekWire staffers predict the tech giant's next big acquisitions

Tech -- GeekWire - The view from inside an Amazon building in Seattle.

Amazon's M&A team has gotten off to a busy start...

February 14, 2019 07:27 PM

February 13, 2019

Aspirin Can Help Prevent Colon Cancer, But Many at Risk Don't Take It

WebMD -- Low-dose aspirin can lower your risk for colon cancer but fewer than half the people who already have polyps aren't taking it.

February 13, 2019 07:06 PM

More U.S. Men Holding Off on Prostate Cancer Surgery

U.S. News -- Many more American men are now saying no to surgery for low-risk prostate...

February 13, 2019 06:43 PM

How to Donate Your IRA Required Minimum Distribution to Charity

U.S. News -- Retirees don't need to itemize to qualify for this charitable tax break.

February 13, 2019 06:43 PM

Meet Trump, the Australian Shepherd Who Just Won Big at the Westminster Dog Show

Media -- Time - Newsfeed - The President of the United States was in Texas on Tuesday, but someone else named Trump made waves in New York.


February 13, 2019 06:30 PM

Bill Gates slams Ocasio-Cortez, says her tax policy is 'missing the picture'

Media -- Fox - Tech - Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who has a net worth approaching $100 billion, has slammed tax policies like the one put forth by...

February 13, 2019 06:27 PM

Walmart launches a web-only home furnishings brand

Web Marketing -- Digital Commerce 360 - Walmart.com continues to bolster its push into home goods with its launch of an online-only private-label furniture brand...

February 13, 2019 06:26 PM

Using Python to recover SEO site traffic (Part one)

Web Marketing -- Search Engine Watch - Helping a client recover from a bad redesign or site migration is probably one of the most critical jobs you can face as...

February 13, 2019 06:25 PM

Trump Approval, Economic Confidence Rebound

Life -- Gallup Headlines - President Donald Trump's job approval rating has improved to 44%, and Americans' economic optimism is also up.

February 13, 2019 06:12 PM

Multi-modal Approaches May Reduce Alzheimer's Disease Risk

Life -- Psychology Today - Are you looking for information about life style choices that reduce risk of Alzheimer's disease. Emerging findings suggest...

February 13, 2019 06:12 PM

Cross-species cancer comparison uncovers new drug targets, study reveals

Life -- EurekAlert - Mucosal melanoma arises in non-skin locations such as sinuses, nasal passages and mouth. The research team sequenced the genomes...

February 13, 2019 06:12 PM

Some primary care doctors not prepared to help with cancer treatment decisions

Life -- EurekAlert - Research has shown patients are discussing initial cancer treatment options with their primary care doctors. And now a new study...

February 13, 2019 06:11 PM

The search for the holy grail: Promising strategies for slowing, stopping, or reversing Parkinson's disease

Life -- EurekAlert - Understanding of the processes involved in Parkinson's disease (PD) degeneration has vastly improved over the last 20 years. In...

February 13, 2019 06:00 PM

Cancer comparison across species highlights new drug targets

Life -- EurekAlert - Cancer genes in mucosal melanoma, a rare and poorly understood subtype of melanoma, have been compared in humans, dogs and horses...

February 13, 2019 06:00 PM

New research suggests a simple blood test could improve the early detection of lung cancer

Life -- EurekAlert - New research led by scientists at the MRC Toxicology Unit suggests that by analysing levels of DNA in the blood, the early detection...

February 13, 2019 06:00 PM

12 States That Won't Tax Your Retirement Income

Life -- Kiplinger - You've worked hard all your life, and now you're retired (or will soon retire). Unfortunately, there's a pretty good chance that...

February 13, 2019 05:55 PM

Publishers balk at Apple's subscription news service terms

Enterprise -- Silicon Republic - Apple has an all-you-can-read subscription news service in the works, which would involve the bundling of content from across...

February 13, 2019 05:55 PM