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May 23, 2022

Expert: Secure Act regulations seek to dispel 'illusion of wealth' for older adults

Life -- Phys.org - Most employees in the U.S. with certain retirement accounts may be surprised when they open their next quarterly statements-and not just because of recent turmoil in financial markets, according to a paper from a University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign...

May 23, 2022 09:17 PM

Satellite images reveal dramatic loss of global wetlands over past two decades

Life -- Phys.org - An analysis of more than a million satellite images has revealed that 4,000 square kilometers of tidal wetlands have been lost globally over twenty years.

May 23, 2022 09:16 PM

3 Tax-Efficient Strategies to Help Maximize Your Retirement Income

Life -- Kiplinger - When people start planning for retirement, they often focus on one major goal: accumulating enough money to retire comfortably when ready.

Unfortunately, that's often where the planning stops, meaning some pretty important stuff might be left...

May 23, 2022 09:15 PM

Things to Look Forward to: An Illustrated Celebration of Living with Presence in Uncertain Times, Disguised as a Love Letter to the Future

Life -- Brain Pickings - Love, laundry, and the miraculous in the mundane.

"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives," Annie Dillard wrote in her timeless meditation on living with presence. "Lay hold of to-day's task, and you will not need...

May 23, 2022 09:14 PM

Average Age of Vehicles in the US Increases to 12.2 years, according to S&P Global Mobility

Business Wire -- The average age of light vehicles in operation (VIO) in the US rose to 12.2 years this year, increasing by nearly two months over the prior year, according to new research from S&P Global Mobility (formerly the automotive team at IHS Markit). This is...

May 23, 2022 08:57 PM

Multiple Sclerosis Patients With Higher B Cell Counts Found to Have a Better Vaccine Response

Life -- Neuroscience News - Multiple sclerosis patients who take Rituximab have a better response to the COVID-19 vaccine if they have a higher B cell count.

May 23, 2022 05:33 PM

How to Use Your Android Phone's Built-In Password Manager

Life -- Lifehacker - Android devices are packed with features that make your digital life easier to navigate, and one of the most helpful is the password manager.

May 23, 2022 05:07 PM

Healthy Habits May Improve Longevity and Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

Life -- Neuroscience News - Healthy eating, daily exercise, reducing alcohol consumption, and not smoking not only lead to a longer life, but they can also reduce Alzheimer's risk for those with genetic risk factors.

May 23, 2022 04:35 AM

Why the Pixel 6a Is Better Than the iPhone SE

Life -- Lifehacker - The iPhone SE is designed to give you the essential iPhone features at an affordable cost. It's Apple's midrange smartphone, and it's a good option for many users who don't want to spend an arm and a leg on features they don't need. While...

May 23, 2022 04:17 AM

8 Cheap Grilling Ideas for Backyard Cookouts

Life -- The Penny Hoarder - Summer is the season for the great American cookout. Grills and barbecues across the country will soon be sizzling with traditional menu items like steaks, hot dogs and hamburgers as well as savory veggie options like black bean burgers...

May 23, 2022 04:16 AM

How to Send Money: The 9 Best Ways to Transfer Money

Life -- The Penny Hoarder - Sending money to friends and family is so common nowadays that "Venmo" has entered the lexicon as an actual verb.

And while peer-to-peer payment apps like Venmo and Cash App are certainly the most convenient ways to pay your friend...

May 23, 2022 04:13 AM

Being Unable to Afford Healthy Food Can Raise Diabetes Risk

Life -- WebMD - A new report suggests young adults who can't afford healthy food and turn to cheaper, less nutritious options are at higher risk for diabetes later in life.

May 23, 2022 04:12 AM

Unveiling Next Generation of Pet Care Technology with Whistle(tm) Health

Business Wire -- Whistle, the leading pet tech healthcare service, announced today the launch of Whistle Health, an AI-enabled, data-driven smart device for dogs aimed at preventive care. Leveraging a vast collection of data, gathered over four years from over 100,000...

May 23, 2022 03:28 AM

May 16, 2022

Our 12 Favorite Slub Cotton Tees

Life -- GearMoose - Nobody ever wants to wear something that's imperfect - unless, of course, it's deliberate like the kind of "mistakes" you get with the perfectly imperfect slub cotton tee.

May 16, 2022 03:35 AM

How to Save Money: 25 Ways to Put Away More Every Month

Life -- The Penny Hoarder - Do you ever wonder why it's so hard to save money - even when you've cut the cable and the meals out, and you've never even had a latte habit?

One reason it's so hard to save is that your fixed expenses - the ones that stay the same...

May 16, 2022 03:35 AM

Cryptocurrency Infrequently Named as Best Investment

Life -- Gallup Headlines - Eight percent of U.S. adults choose cryptocurrency as the best long-term investment among six options, well behind real estate (45%), stocks (18%) and gold (15%).

May 16, 2022 03:33 AM

3 Investment Ideas for Retirees Right Now

Life -- Kiplinger - Ah, retirement. Picture long, blissful walks on the beach. Or you're watching the sunset from the balcony of your cruise ship and thinking: This is it - the way life should be. Then you casually check your smartphone to see how your investment...

May 16, 2022 03:33 AM

Turks' Life Ratings, Living Standards Crash

Life -- Gallup Headlines - As inflation in Turkey hits sky-high levels, Turks rate their lives worse than ever, and the majority find it hard to get by. Turks' struggles have rocked their confidence in the national government, now at a record-low 37%.

May 16, 2022 03:32 AM

Designer Neurons Offer New Hope for Treatment of Parkinson's Disease

Life -- Neuroscience News - Researchers have designed a new method of converting non-neural cells into functioning neurons that are able to form synapses, dispense dopamine, and restore the function of neurons undermined by Parkinson's associated destruction...

May 16, 2022 03:32 AM

Key Protein Identified for Brain Stem Cell Longevity

Life -- Neuroscience News - INSR, a protein essential for insulin activity, plays a critical role in stem cell longevity. Additionally, inactivating INSR in glioblastoma brain cancer stem cells inhibits the growth of primitive tumor forming cells.

May 16, 2022 03:32 AM

Motivation/Pleasure Deficits, Not Expression Impairments, Contribute to Social Dysfunction in Schizophrenia Patients

Life -- Neuroscience News - Amotivation and anhedonia rather than expressive dysfunction play a critical role in determining social functioning in those with schizophrenia.

May 16, 2022 03:31 AM

Regular Blueberry Consumption May Reduce Risk of Dementia

Life -- Neuroscience News - Middle-aged people who consume blueberries every day may have a reduced risk of developing dementia, a new study reports.

May 16, 2022 03:31 AM

Adult Day Centers Help Retirees with Alzheimer's

Life -- Kiplinger - When Eileen Roehr's husband, Casey, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2018, she went looking for helpful resources. High on her to-do list was finding an adult day center for him. "The two most valuable things to keep people with dementia...

May 16, 2022 03:30 AM

Study identifies barriers for women returning to work after breast cancer

Life -- Phys.org - Occupational therapy researchers find women living with and beyond breast cancer in Ireland are not aware of their employment entitlements and in response to findings have developed the occupational therapy-led "Work and Cancer" program that...

May 16, 2022 03:29 AM

Novel tool targets unusual RNA structures for potential therapeutic applications

Life -- Phys.org - Ribonucleic acids (RNAs), which decode the genetic code stored in DNA and produce proteins, fold into diverse structures to govern fundamental biological processes in all life forms, including humans. Targeting disease-associated RNA structures...

May 16, 2022 03:27 AM

These 14 Major Employers Offer Part-Time Jobs With Benefits

Life -- The Penny Hoarder - Think you need to work long hours to qualify for company-backed retirement plans, tuition reimbursements and affordable health insurance?

Actually, you don't have to have to be a full-time employee to get those perks. There are many...

May 16, 2022 03:26 AM

5 Things to Do Before You Retire

Life -- Kiplinger - For many people, retirement planning is a rather nebulous concept. They stash money away - sometimes thoughtfully, sometimes without true goals in mind - all with a vague idea that someday they will reach retirement, whatever that might mean.


May 16, 2022 03:26 AM

Multiple Diagnoses Are the Norm With Mental Illness and a New Genetic Study Explains Why

Life -- Neuroscience News - Study reports an overlap between genetic architecture and co-morbid mental health diagnosis. Researchers found 70% of the genetic signals associated with schizophrenia were also linked to bipolar disorder. Anorexia and OCD have a strong,...

May 16, 2022 03:25 AM

Poor Eyesight Unfairly Mistaken for Brain Decline

Life -- Neuroscience News - Cognitive tests that rely on vision-dependent tasks may skew results for up to 25% of adults over 50 with undiagnosed visual problems such as AMD and cataracts. This may lead to a misdiagnosis of mild cognitive impairment in older...

May 16, 2022 03:24 AM

Study Supports Colonoscopies for Women Under 50

Life -- WebMD - A new study claims colonoscopies in younger women can significantly cut their risk of colon cancer.

May 16, 2022 03:23 AM

Tech Boot Camps Linked to Higher Pay, STEM Jobs

Life -- Gallup Headlines - A Gallup-2U study of graduates of 2U tech boot camps shows graduates reported earning salaries one year after graduation and ended up in STEM jobs, regardless of their race or ethnicity, gender or age.

May 16, 2022 03:22 AM

How Taxes Impact Your Wealth Gap

Life -- Kiplinger - Imagine you're standing on the bank of a river. The bank you're standing on represents your current financial status, and the opposite bank is the amount of wealth you need for retirement. The river itself is the difference between how much...

May 16, 2022 03:22 AM

May 10, 2022

As hurricane season approaches, experts say to beware of more rapidly intensifying storms

Media -- USATODAY - News Top Stories - The past two hurricane seasons have been busier than normal with more rapidly intensifying hurricanes, which means people should prepare even earlier

May 10, 2022 04:03 AM

Lenovo Duet 5 Chromebook drops to all-time low price: $379.99

Tech -- About Chromebooks - Previously, we've seen the $499.99 Lenovo Duet 5 Chromebook discounted by $100. And now this 13.3-inch detachable Chrome OS tablet with removable keyboard costs even less. You can snag this excellent 2-in-1 for $120 under the full...

May 10, 2022 03:59 AM

Black, Hispanic, and Asian Americans should be screened at lower BMI for diabetes, study says

Life -- Stat - Widely used physician guidelines that ignore patients' race and ethnicity could be doing more harm than good when it comes to catching diabetes in people of color. New research, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine on Monday, suggests that...

May 10, 2022 03:44 AM

Quantifying Cognitive Decline in Dogs Could Help Humans With Alzheimer's Disease

Life -- Neuroscience News - Researchers have developed a set of tests that can quantify cognitive changes in aging dogs and accurately detect canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome, a disorder with similar pathology and outcomes as Alzheimer's disease in humans....

May 10, 2022 03:44 AM

Why You Should Do a Factory Reset on All Your Older Tech

Life -- Lifehacker - Think about the tech in your life. Your phone, full of messages and photos; your computer, a perfectly balanced chaos of work and entertainment; your game console, with half-played games maxing out the internal storage. Your tech is well-used,...

May 10, 2022 03:41 AM

Are Ants the Future of Cancer Detection?

Life -- WebMD - Researchers have explored using medically trained dogs to sniff out cancer. Now French scientists say ants can do the job, too -- only faster and cheaper.

May 10, 2022 03:40 AM

Do Psychiatric Disorders Increase the Risk for Dementia?

Life -- Psychology Today - A recent study provides evidence that people with a history of psychiatric disorders are at increased risk for developing dementia later in life.

May 10, 2022 03:35 AM

A View of Earth From the Space Station

Life -- NASA Image of the day - NASA astronaut Jessica Watkins floats in the space station's cupola, a direct nadir viewing window from which Earth and celestial objects are visible.

May 10, 2022 03:35 AM

Asian elephant cured of tuberculosis developed from long-term latency

Life -- Phys.org - Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb). It was the leading cause of human death due to a single pathogen before the emergence of SARS-CoV-2. In elephants, infections and deaths from TB have been...

May 10, 2022 03:34 AM

New Rules in Estate Planning

Life -- SeniorPlanet - The Secure Act changed the rules for non-spousal inherited retirement accounts; some upfront planning spares your inheritors a big tax bill.

May 10, 2022 03:33 AM

Americans' Financial Worries Tick Up in Past Year

Life -- Gallup Headlines - Americans are worrying more than they did a year ago about paying their bills and maintaining their standard of living, among increases in financial worries. Low-income adults are affected far more than others.

May 10, 2022 03:33 AM

Aftermath of a Cosmic Cataclysm

Life -- ESA-Hubble POW - This image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope shows the tattered remnant of a supernova - a titanic explosion marking the end of the life of a dying star. This object - known as DEM L249 - is thought to have been created by a Type...

May 10, 2022 03:33 AM

May 08, 2022

Earth tells us to 'GO' in weird cloud message seen from space

Life -- Live Science - A surprising new photo from the GOES East satellite has revealed what appears to be the word "Go" written in the clouds as seen from space.

May 08, 2022 08:48 PM

Accenture CEO Julie Sweet on the Most Important Skill Job Seekers Need Today

Think -- HBR.org - If you interview at Accenture, there's one question you must be able to answer.

May 08, 2022 08:02 PM

VW's 2022 supply of EVs is 'basically sold out' in the US and Europe

Tech -- The Verge - Volkswagen's CEO, Herbert Diess, says that the company is "basically sold out on electric vehicles in Europe and in the United States" for the year, according to a report from the Financial Times. This means that...

May 08, 2022 07:54 PM

Apple iPhone 11 vs. iPhone XR: Which older iPhone to buy?

Tech -- Digital Trends - The iPhone 11 and iPhone XR remain two great Apple smartphones, even if they're no longer current-gen. We find out which one is the best in this head-to-head.

May 08, 2022 07:49 PM