Woodstock Wire: Generative AI

May 17, 2024

To tune or not to tune? A guide to leveraging your data with LLMs

Enterprise -- GoogleCloud - Customers tell us they see great potential in using large language models (LLMs) with their data to improve customer experiences, automate internal processes, access and find information, and create new content -just to name a few of the...

May 17, 2024 05:49 AM

The ChatGPT desktop app is more helpful than I expected - here's why and how to try it

Enterprise -- ZDNet News - Among OpenAI's many big updates this week was a new ChatGPT app for MacOS. Here's how to use it and when Windows users can get in on the fun.

May 17, 2024 05:47 AM

Detecting influence campaigns on X with AI and network science

Life -- Phys.org - In the age of generative-AI and large language models (LLMs), massive amounts of inauthentic content can be rapidly broadcasted on social media platforms. As a result, malicious actors are becoming more sophisticated, hijacking hashtags, artificially...

May 17, 2024 03:33 AM

May 16, 2024

Google Cloud unveils the Trillium TPU, its most powerful AI processor so far

Enterprise -- SiliconANGLE - Google Cloud today announced the imminent launch of its most powerful and energy-efficient tensor processing unit to date, the Trillium TPU. Google's TPUs are similar to Nvidia Corp.'s graphics processing units, which have emerged as the...

May 16, 2024 06:11 AM

NASA officially appoints first AI chief to stay at the 'forefront' of technology

ReadWriteWeb -- NASA is staying up-to-date as they officially appoint their first ever chief artificial intelligence officer. The independent agency that is...

May 16, 2024 05:28 AM

How AI Large Language Models Work, Explained Without Math

EE -- Hackaday - Large Language Models (LLMs ) are everywhere, but how exactly do they work under the hood? [Miguel Grinberg] provides a great explanation of the inner workings of LLMs in simple (but not simplistic) terms that eschews the low-level mathematics...

May 16, 2024 05:26 AM

AI is permeating American culture, but radiologists hesitant to place patients' health in an algorithm's hands

Media -- Fox - Tech - How good would an algorithm have to be to take over your job?It's a new question for many workers amid the rise of ChatGPT and other AI programs that can hold conversations, write stories and even generate songs and images within seconds.For...

May 16, 2024 04:14 AM

OpenAI and Google are launching supercharged AI assistants. Here's how you can try them out.

Think -- MIT Technology Review - This week, Google and OpenAI both announced they've built supercharged AI assistants: tools that can converse with you in real time and recover when you interrupt them, analyze your surroundings via live video, and translate conversations...

May 16, 2024 04:07 AM

Google's Astra is its first AI-for-everything agent

Think -- MIT Technology Review - Google is set to introduce a new system called Astra later this year and promises that it will be the most powerful, advanced type of AI assistant it's ever launched.

The current generation of AI assistants, such as ChatGPT,...

May 16, 2024 03:45 AM

Neuromorphic AI Powers Efficient, Autonomous Drone Flight

Life -- Neuroscience News - Researchers developed a drone that flies autonomously using neuromorphic image processing, mimicking animal brains. This method significantly improves data processing speed and energy efficiency compared to traditional GPUs. The study...

May 16, 2024 02:54 AM

Artificial intelligence is bringing an epic change to our lives

Media -- DIGITIMES - From Nvidia and Microsft to Taiwan's TSMC, Quanta, Wistron, and Foxconn, companies are constantly exploring the future of their businesses with the theme of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

May 16, 2024 02:52 AM

OpenAI's Chief Scientist, Ilya Sutskever, Is Leaving the Company

Tech -- NY Times Technology - In November, Ilya Sutskever joined three other OpenAI board members to force out Sam Altman, the chief executive, before saying he regretted the move.

May 16, 2024 02:14 AM

Manhattan Pioneers Use of GenAI in Supply Chain Commerce

Business Wire -- Manhattan announces Manhattan Active(r) Maven, a specialized GenAI solution built for customer service, along with Manhattan Assist.

May 16, 2024 01:50 AM

May 14, 2024

How Red Hat is embracing AI to make sysadmin lives easier

Enterprise -- ZDNet News - The open-source giant's AI work is all about integrating the entire Red Hat software family into a smart, easy-to-manage stack. Here's what each one does and how they fit together.

May 14, 2024 05:38 AM

ChatGPT vs. ChatGPT Plus: Is a paid subscription still worth it?

Enterprise -- ZDNet News - OpenAI's new and improved GPT-4o model makes it harder to determine who'll find free ChatGPT adequate and who should spring for Plus. We break down your options to help you decide.

May 14, 2024 05:27 AM

Podcast: If LLMs Do the Easy Programming Tasks - How are Junior Developers Trained? What Have We Done?

Enterprise -- InfoQ - In this podcast Michael Stiefel spoke to Anthony Alford and Roland Meertens about the future of software development and the training of new developers, in a world where Large Language Models heavily contribute to software development. By Anthony...

May 14, 2024 05:23 AM

OpenAI's new GPT-4o model lets people interact using voice or video in the same model

Think -- MIT Technology Review - OpenAI just debuted GPT-4o, a new kind of AI model that you can communicate with in real time via live voice conversation, video streams from your phone, and text. The model is rolling out over the next few weeks and will be free...

May 14, 2024 05:03 AM

OpenAI Unveils GPT-4o, Promising Faster Performance and Enhanced Capabilities

Media -- PYMNTS.com - OpenAI, the artificial intelligence (AI) company behind the widely popular ChatGPT, announced Monday (May 13) the launch of GPT-4o - with "o" meaning "omni" - a new language model free for all users. The text, vision and audio processing...

May 14, 2024 04:57 AM

ChatGPT will be able to talk to you like Scarlett Johansson in Her

Tech -- The Verge - OpenAI is releasing a Her-inspired voice assistant feature that can read your facial expressions and translate spoken language in real time - and hopefully do it all without abandoning you like in the movie.


May 14, 2024 04:38 AM

OpenAI Unveils New ChatGPT That Listens, Looks and Talks

Tech -- NY Times Technology - Chatbots, image generators and voice assistants are gradually merging into a single technology with a conversational voice.

May 14, 2024 04:37 AM

OpenAI releases GPT-4o, a faster model that's free for all ChatGPT users

Tech -- The Verge - OpenAI announced the launch of GPT-4o, an iteration of its GPT-4 model that powers its hallmark product, ChatGPT. The latest update "is much faster" and improves "capabilities across text, vision, and audio,"...

May 14, 2024 04:36 AM

ChatGPT is getting a Mac app

Tech -- The Verge - ChatGPT now has a desktop app - but it's only available on macOS for now. OpenAI CTO Mira Murati announced the news during an event on Tuesday, where she also said that ChatGPT is getting a refreshed UI.

In the demo...

May 14, 2024 04:36 AM

OpenAI's custom GPT Store is now open to all for free

Tech -- The Verge - OpenAI is making a number of its previously subscription-only features available to free users of ChatGPT, with the biggest being the ability to create custom chatbots and browse its GPT Store.

The company...

May 14, 2024 04:35 AM

May 11, 2024

OpenAI unveils new ChatGPT features Monday - search engine not included

Enterprise -- ZDNet News - The chatbot's free version is due for a refresh and OpenAI's CEO promises new stuff that 'feels like magic.'

May 11, 2024 07:28 AM

Announcing the General Availability of GPT-4 Turbo with Vision on Azure OpenAI Service

Enterprise -- Azure service updates - We are thrilled to announce the general availability of GPT-4 Turbo with Vision on the Azure OpenAI Service, which processes both text and image inputs and replaces several preview models. This multimodal model has already been...

May 11, 2024 07:27 AM

ServiceNow showcases generative AI service agents using NVIDIA AI Enterprise software

Enterprise -- VMblog - Today at ServiceNow's annual customer and partner event, Knowledge 24 , ServiceNow showcased AI avatars of the future together with NVIDIA,...

May 11, 2024 07:21 AM

IBM and SAP Plan to Expand Collaboration to Help Clients Become Next-Generation Enterprises with Generative AI

Enterprise -- SAP - New Value Generation partnership initiative focused on delivering greater client productivity and innovation with new generative AI capabilities and industry-specific cloud solutions

May 11, 2024 07:19 AM

AI Helps Make Web Scraping Faster and Easier

EE -- Hackaday - Web scraping is usually only a first step towards extracting meaningful data. Once you've got everything pulled down, you've still got to process it into something useful. Here to assist with that is Scrapegraph-ai, a Python tool that promises...

May 11, 2024 07:11 AM

The top 3 ways to use generative AI to empower knowledge workers

Think -- MIT Technology Review - Though generative AI is still a nascent technology, it is already being adopted by teams across companies to unleash new levels of productivity and creativity. Marketers are deploying generative AI to create personalized customer...

May 11, 2024 06:57 AM

How Criminals Are Using Generative AI

Infosec -- Schneier on Security - There's a new report on how criminals are using generative AI tools:

Key Takeaways:

Adoption rates of AI technologies among criminals lag behind the rates of their industry counterparts because of the evolving nature of cybercrime.


May 11, 2024 06:55 AM

IBM Launches Service to Help Enterprises Add GenAI Copilots

Media -- PYMNTS.com - IBM has introduced a new service that will help enterprises integrate generative artificial intelligence (AI) copilots into their organizations.

Offered by IBM Consulting, the new IBM Copilot Runway will assist enterprises with creating,...

May 11, 2024 06:48 AM

Microsoft to build AI centre at former Foxconn site

Media -- Evertiq - Microsoft has announced it will spend $3.3 billion to build a new artificial intelligence data centre in Wisconsin.

May 11, 2024 06:42 AM

LLMs have become a weapon of information warfare

Media -- The Next Web - A propaganda network linked to Russia has sparked alarm about a new weapon of information warfare: large language models (LLMs). The operation was unearthed by Recorded Future, a threat intelligence firm founded by two Swedish computer...

May 11, 2024 06:36 AM

The key technologies fuelling chatbot evolution

Media -- The Next Web - Most of us are familiar with chatbots on customer service portals, government departments, and through services like Google Bard and OpenAI's ChatGPT. They are convenient, easy to use, and always available, leading to their growing use...

May 11, 2024 06:29 AM

Leveraging LLMs To Explain EDA Synthesis Errors And Help Train New Engineers

Media -- Semiconductor Engineering - A technical paper titled "Explaining EDA synthesis errors with LLMs" was published by researchers at University of New South Wales and University of Calgary.


"Training new engineers in digital design is a challenge,...

May 11, 2024 06:21 AM

Apple's New M4 Processor: An 'Outrageously Powerful' Device for AI

Media -- All About Circuits - The new SoC leverages 28 billion transistors to make the new iPad Pro "the most powerful device of its kind."

May 11, 2024 06:20 AM

New AI Agents May Soon Blur the Line Between Humans and Machines

Media -- PYMNTS.com - As artificial intelligence (AI) technology progresses, a new generation of AI agents is emerging, potentially impacting how businesses interact with customers.

These digital assistants, designed to exhibit human-like autonomy and social...

May 11, 2024 06:19 AM

A New Era in Neuroscience with Generative AI

Life -- Neuroscience News - Researchers developed a groundbreaking model called Brain Language Model (BrainLM) using generative artificial intelligence to map brain activity and its implications for behavior and disease. BrainLM leverages 80,000 scans from 40,000...

May 11, 2024 06:14 AM

Team compares robot-assisted language learning systems and human tutors in English conversation lessons

Life -- Phys.org - Advancements in large language models, robotics, and software such as text-to-speech, have made it possible to develop robots that can understand language, interact physically, and communicate verbally. These breakthroughs have opened up possibilities...

May 11, 2024 06:13 AM

Valid Uses for Gen-AI!

SupplyChain -- Sourcing Innovation - the doctor has been told he's too hard on Gen-AI. He doesn't think he's hard enough, but there are those who keep insisting that Gen-AI has some valid uses. And they're right, it has some. Not the uses that you need it for, but actual...

May 11, 2024 06:11 AM

May 10, 2024

The Gutenberg Revolution of Large Language Models

Life -- Psychology Today - Large language models, mirroring Gutenberg's press, transform the very nature of human cognition by redefining how we access and utilize information.

May 10, 2024 03:03 AM

May 08, 2024

Microsoft study: 75% of knowledge workers using AI at work, nearly doubling in six months

Tech -- GeekWire - Microsoft GraphicMicrosoft released a new version of a study that has documented the transformation of work over the past few years, from the implications of remote and hybrid work to the rise of artificial intelligence in the workplace.

May 08, 2024 06:37 PM

Microsoft is 'turning everyone into a prompt engineer' with new Copilot AI features

Tech -- The Verge - Microsoft is attempting to solve the problem of coming up with a good prompt for generative AI, aiming to turn everyone into a prompt engineer. In the coming months Copilot for Microsoft 365, the paid service that adds...

May 08, 2024 06:36 PM

New OpenAI Tool Can Detect Dall-E 3 AI Images With 98% Accuracy

Tech -- ExtremeTech - But it doesn't take much to evade detection.

May 08, 2024 06:35 PM

Security For AI And AI For Security

Media -- Semiconductor Engineering - The aspect for AI was drastically changed after the introduction of ChatGPT from 2022. Even during 2010s, the question of whether the evolution of AI can overcome human's logical thinking had been researched and developed (e.g.,...

May 08, 2024 06:13 PM

Meta Unveils GenAI Tools for Business Advertising

Media -- PYMNTS.com - Meta is rolling out a new way for advertisers to create marketing materials.

Businesses can now use Meta's artificial intelligence (AI) tools to create images for advertising campaigns, Meta said in a Tuesday (May 7) blog post. Business...

May 08, 2024 06:06 PM

OpenAI Releases 'Deepfake' Detector to Disinformation Researchers

Tech -- NY Times Technology - The prominent A.I. start-up is also joining an industrywide effort to spot content made with artificial intelligence.

May 08, 2024 06:23 AM

OpenAI Joins C2PA Steering Committee

Business Wire -- Today, the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) announced that OpenAI, a leader in artificial intelligence research and deployment, has joined the C2PA as a steering committee member. This marks a significant milestone for the C2PA...

May 08, 2024 06:09 AM

OpenAI and Stack Overflow partner to bring more technical knowledge into ChatGPT

Tech -- The Verge - OpenAI and the developer platform Stack Overflow have announced a partnership that could potentially improve the performance of AI models and bring more technical information into ChatGPT.

OpenAI will...

May 08, 2024 05:26 AM